Beautiful wedding day celebration at St. Joe Farm in Granger, IN. Creative, Wedding Cinematography.

What is Wedding Cinematography?



That’s a good question! My short definition is it’s an artistic approach to wedding filmmaking. To understand this I think it helps to understand a couple of other terms, wedding videography, documentary edit or full length film & creative edit. We’ll get to those in a minute. Wedding cinematography in short means creatively filming and editing so that my images have a better aesthetic and emotional appeal. The goal is to create a beautiful eye catching wedding film!


Wedding documentary edit is all about documenting events for posterity so you can watch it later just as it happened. I still offer a documentary edit in addition to our creative edits. With the documentary approach the focus is on multiple camera angles with multiple microphones capturing the ceremony & reception events as they happened. Some also call this approach wedding videography. We do this with a focus on great image quality, exceptional sound quality and beautiful shot compositions. The documentary is perfect to watch on your anniversary but make sure you make plenty of time to do so. These edits can be pretty long depending depending on the length of your ceremony and reception!


The opposite of the documentary edit is the cinematic or creative edit. We love to make creative edits for our clients and it’s the bulk of our work! For us the creative edit is generally 5-6 minutes long and includes the best of the best from your wedding day. We use speeches, vows and as much artistic footage as we can to tell your story. All tied together by curated & licensed music. 

For some other professionals the creative edit means not documenting all the formal events but selectively shooting throughout the day. With the goal of making a short artistic edit only. Although this may be fine for some brides the problem is you miss out on things. The editor will decide which segments of toasts to include and is forced to cut a lot. Although it may be a beautiful short film what if you want to look back at all the speeches given at your reception? Or see all of your first dance and hear all the advice your minister or officiant gave you?


I find most clients want a mix of the two, the cinematic and documentary approach. and that’s what we offer in all our video packages

We are cinematic, story driven filmmakers. I love the small segments a great wedding day love story. Alone the segments don’t give a full picture but put together they point toward a beautiful whole! As a story teller I’ve come to realize there’s always beauty in what’s left out as much as what’s put in. Maybe that’s why I love filming the wedding day. It’s not the couples whole life story together but it’s a crucial piece of it. By carefully capturing and incorporating the important details of the day we bring together the elements of their story in such a way to make their film complete and beautiful!

I’m also a firm believer that wedding film is art and every film project starts from a blank canvas. Myself being an artist I personally film and edit your wedding. I offer a custom, hands on experience which results in making authentic connections with our clients. The goal is to create a timeless film you will enjoy and a deliver a great experience on your wedding day!

Vendor Spotlight: Katie Whitcomb Photography

Katie Whitcomb Photographers have always been among our favorite photographers to work with and we wanted to help highlight what makes their services exceptional here.

Q. Why do you think you are so successful at what you do?
A. (Katie) I think success is a subjective word. I feel that our success was brought on by the modern way that we view the wedding day. We want our clients to look at their wedding album 50, 70 years down the road and still be in love with their images. Although we love the antique look, we want our images to be true to life with the beautiful colors that were the day of the wedding.

I think another part of our success is our dedication to our couples. We are a husband and wife team and feel that both sides of the story should be documented, if not just for the couples, for the families as well.

Q. What about your work makes you stand out from other photographers?
A. I think what sets us apart is what we have to bring to the table with 2 photographers that have 2 different styles that fuse together beautifully. Being a husband & wife team, there are 2 photographers. This is not an unusual concept these days to have 2 photographers, but I think because my husband doesn’t meet the bride & groom until the wedding, it allows him to become unbiased and document what he sees as it unfolds. My specialty is getting to know my clients and creating works of art for them that has that traditional aspect that will keep for 50, 70 years, but it also has that modern look to it that captures the love of the couple.

Q. What is your favorite time of the wedding to photograph (ie: ceremony, first dance, etc.)?
A. Honestly, it would be the time that I get alone with the bride & groom. When we dismiss the bridal party and I can document the couples love with no one making fun, interrupting and beautiful images are created for the couple that they will want to hang on their walls as an heirloom piece.

Q. What is your specialty when it comes to what you photograph?
A. I kind of touched base on this already, but I would have to say the love between the couple. As I mentioned, I want my clients to LOVE their photos and to do that, I need to know how they move in front of my camera. I need to be able to quickly find that soft spot in the couple the day of the wedding so they let down their guard and more concerned about showing one another their love than if the images will look awesome. This is what I am trying to do with their engagement session. It is VERY important for me to get to know my client so that I can customize their portraits on that aspect.

Peer Review of Vibe Video Productions!

My company was recently interviewed and highlighted on the blog of a great photographer friend of ours, Katie Whitcomb.  Thanks Katie you’re a true talent in this industry and we always appreciate working with you and your husband! Please check out Katie’s company and our review here!

Canon 5D update

So apparently Canon has released it’s 3rd version of the outstanding Canon 5D line. The 5D Mark III on sale at B&H. Looking at the specs I’d say this presents nice improvements for documentary videographers like myself so maybe I’ll pick one up when they come down in price a bit. That being said I actually haven’t had a problem working around the few limitations the Mark II presents, but this update does look pretty sweet.

Press Release from Canon USA:

Canon U.S.A. Announces The Highly Anticipated EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera

Featuring Improved Image Quality, a 61-Point High Density Reticular AF, Six fps High-Speed Continuous Shooting and Enhanced HD Video Recording Features

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., March 2, 2012 – EOS 5D Mark III Video: The Legacy Continues

The EOS 5D Mark II blazed the trail for EOS cameras and Canon to enter the professional video and cinema markets, paving the way for Canon’s recent introduction of the Cinema EOS system of cameras and lenses. Now, the EOS 5D Mark III continues Canon’s commitment to these new markets with new and requested features from cinematographers, television production professionals and independent filmmakers. This new model captures 1080p Full HD video at 24p (23.976), 25p, and 30p (29.97) fps; 720p HD recording at 60 (59.94) and 50 fps; and SD recording at 30 (29.97) and 25 fps, giving cinematographers and videographers more flexibility and options for video capture.

The EOS 5D Mark III includes new H.264 video compression formats to simplify and speed up post-production work: intraframe (ALL-I) compression for an editing-friendly format and interframe (IPB) compression for superior data storage efficiency, giving professionals options to help achieve their ideal workflow. Like the EOS-1D X, the 5D Mark III also includes two methods of SMPTE-compliant timecode embedding, Rec Run and Free Run, allowing video footage from multiple cameras and separate audio recordings to be synced together in post production.

The new full-frame CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+ processor have enhanced the camera’s image processing performance over the 5D Mark II, significantly reducing moiré and color artifacts in scenes with horizontal lines.  The video footage produced will exhibit less moiré than seen in previous DSLR models, resulting in a significant improvement in HD video quality. Accommodating documentary filmmakers, and event videographers using EOS DSLR cameras, the 5D Mark III includes the ability to record video continuously up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds across multiple 4GB files.  Long-form filmmakers will enjoy the camera’s automatic file splitting in combination with the extended memory capacity offered by dual card slots.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III also includes manual audio level control with 64 levels, adjustable both before and during movie recording. There is also an automatic audio level setting, or sound recording can be turned off entirely. A wind filter is also included. Sound can be recorded either through the internal monaural microphone or via an optional external microphone through the stereo mic input. Notably, the EOS 5D Mark III is the first EOS Digital SLR to feature a built-in headphone jack for real-time audio monitoring during video capture.