Vendor Spotlight: Katie Whitcomb Photography

Katie Whitcomb Photographers have always been among our favorite photographers to work with and we wanted to help highlight what makes their services exceptional here. Q. Why do you think you are so successful at what you do? A. (Katie) I think success is a subjective word. I feel that our success was brought on by the modern way that we view the wedding day. We want our clients to look at their wedding album 50, 70 years down the road and still be in love with their images. Although we love the antique look, we want our images to…

Peer Review of Vibe Video Productions!

My company was recently interviewed and highlighted on the blog of a great photographer friend of ours, Katie Whitcomb.  Thanks Katie you’re a true talent in this industry and we always appreciate working with you and your husband! Please check out Katie’s company and our review here!

Canon 5D update

So apparently Canon has released it’s 3rd version of the outstanding Canon 5D line. The 5D Mark III on sale at B&H. Looking at the specs I’d say this presents nice improvements for documentary videographers like myself so maybe I’ll pick one up when they come down in price a bit. That being said I actually haven’t had a problem working around the few limitations the Mark II presents, but this update does look pretty sweet. Press Release from Canon USA: Canon U.S.A. Announces The Highly Anticipated EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera Featuring Improved Image Quality, a 61-Point High Density…

SLR camera stabilization

Just picked up a new Zacuto Striker recently and can’t wait to shoot a project with it. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never used one but it’s incredibly sturdy and light. Also all the adjustments made it a quick fit to my shoulder. I know I’ll enjoy the added camera stability it offers and I’m sick and tired of taking a tripod into awkward areas! It’s a little expensive I guess but you have to pay for quality.