As a user of the digital SLR camera I’ve become a huge fan of it’s ability to capture amazing colors and detail, the option to change lenses, and its low light capabilities. The main draw of the SLR though is it’s film look which everyone desires so much. Some feel its the compression the canon uses which softens the edges giving it the filmic look other HD cameras don’t have and I would agree. Although video compression is good for maintaining file sizes and perhaps giving footage a look one minor drawback can be noticed sometimes as noise and moire which exist in any form of compressed video.
I came across a software named Dark Energy in HDVideoPro recently and found it interesting. Apparently it’s available in some post production houses and can do amazing things with de-noise, de-grain and film simulation among other things. This would probably best benefit digital filmmakers with a larger budget but for a more affordable option you might try something like Neat .