Katie Whitcomb Photographers have always been among our favorite photographers to work with and we wanted to help highlight what makes their services exceptional here.
Q. Why do you think you are so successful at what you do?
A. (Katie) I think success is a subjective word. I feel that our success was brought on by the modern way that we view the wedding day. We want our clients to look at their wedding album 50, 70 years down the road and still be in love with their images. Although we love the antique look, we want our images to be true to life with the beautiful colors that were the day of the wedding.
I think another part of our success is our dedication to our couples. We are a husband and wife team and feel that both sides of the story should be documented, if not just for the couples, for the families as well.
Q. What about your work makes you stand out from other photographers?
A. I think what sets us apart is what we have to bring to the table with 2 photographers that have 2 different styles that fuse together beautifully. Being a husband & wife team, there are 2 photographers. This is not an unusual concept these days to have 2 photographers, but I think because my husband doesn’t meet the bride & groom until the wedding, it allows him to become unbiased and document what he sees as it unfolds. My specialty is getting to know my clients and creating works of art for them that has that traditional aspect that will keep for 50, 70 years, but it also has that modern look to it that captures the love of the couple.
Q. What is your favorite time of the wedding to photograph (ie: ceremony, first dance, etc.)?
A. Honestly, it would be the time that I get alone with the bride & groom. When we dismiss the bridal party and I can document the couples love with no one making fun, interrupting and beautiful images are created for the couple that they will want to hang on their walls as an heirloom piece.
Q. What is your specialty when it comes to what you photograph?
A. I kind of touched base on this already, but I would have to say the love between the couple. As I mentioned, I want my clients to LOVE their photos and to do that, I need to know how they move in front of my camera. I need to be able to quickly find that soft spot in the couple the day of the wedding so they let down their guard and more concerned about showing one another their love than if the images will look awesome. This is what I am trying to do with their engagement session. It is VERY important for me to get to know my client so that I can customize their portraits on that aspect.