As a wedding professional I often come across cool wedding ideas. Here’s a few that can bring some unique flavor to your wedding reception.

-Wedding Painter. Super cool to have a live painting done of your event!
-Silhouette cutter. These people take little pieces of black paper and use small scissors to cut silhouettes of the guests, which they mount on a card for them and let them take home. Sounds cool! Indiana silhouette artists.
-Polaroid camera guest/photo book. You have attendants take pictures of the guests as they arrive, the guests write a message on it when its developed. When done the guests can put the pictures in your album. As this can be a slow process you may want a couple attendants taking pictures and a large enough table to let them develop on.
-A snow cone stand or frozen drink machine. Sounds awesome to me! I’ve even witnessed hotdog stands set up outside the reception for departing guests on several occasions. Pretty cool idea however I’d say a drink or food stand set up inside the reception area would get a lot more attention.
-Last on my so called list but not least. The famous Photo booth. This is always fun and of course gives people something to take home for a memento.