There’s no shortage of new tools for the cinematographer these days with the onset of digital slr video cameras and all the accessories available. The advances in video equipment makes this a very exciting time to be a video maker. It is now possible for someone with cinematography experience and several thousand dollars to afford making video that can rival the look of 35mm film stock. While I’m not saying it’s cheap, I am saying you can get the essentials for a pretty affordable price as I have done and add-on accessories as you go. Because there’s a countless amount of gadgets you can get to optimize your slr you have to be selective and remember what is ultimately important in creating excellent video (its not gimmicks). The best wedding videographers state that they obtain around 80 percent of their shots from a stationary monopod or tripod and the rest from other camera accessories such as steadicams, sliders ect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with these tools (moving shots compliment stationary shots.) But it is easy for some videographers to fill their productions with too many specialty “wow” shots forgetting that the trained and skillful eye of the cameraman can be more valuable.