Here are some key factors to consider in your search for a videographer.
– How many camera operators cover your event.
– How many hours of coverage they provide.
– How many add-ons (such as editing, and custom dvd’s and graphics) are included.
– How extensive the editing of the footage will be.
– How many final copies of your video you receive and what format will it be in ex. (Blu-Ray/DVD).
Certainly there’s other factors, but those are the most common.
Some videographers don’t charge by the hour, but provide all-day coverage at one package price; others offer a graduated scale, providing more time for more money. Some companies have packages that mix and match the number of camera operators, offering two cameras for preparation and ceremony and a single camera for the reception; some limit their packages to strictly single camera or strictly multi-camera options.
At Vibe Productions in Indianapolis we offer three distinct package plans on a graduated scale to fit your needs. The Bronze, the Silver and the Gold (all with HD optional). The Bronze package will fit a lower budget while still providing video of the highest quality. Many videographers will offer a similar package in price or amount of coverage but skimp badly on quality. They may advertise these packages with text like (minimal editing, ceremony only coverage, only one camera, no editing, straight to disc…)
Our Bronze package, gives you the best quality of video for the time you want covered. We film and cinematically edit our Bronze package with utmost care putting time and consideration into every cut, even color correcting footage to make it match and look better. We adjust the audio levels so you won’t have to adjust the sound on your tv set! We also develop custom dvd menu’s and graphics for every project and we use at least two cameras and one wireless microphone as we do with all of our packages.See Packages
Next the Silver Package is ideal for most brides as it offers more hours of coverage and two manned camera’s for the first few hours of the day. With this package you have twice the amount of great coverage from before the wedding. And two camera people for the ceremony which allows for more close-ups and candid shots. You also will have more time at the reception which means time for guest interviews and dancing. This package comes with a full cinematic edit as well. Check out all the options in Packages
Lastly our Gold Package is for the bride and groom who want to capture their wedding day essentially from beginning to the end. This plan includes everything described in the previous packages with the addition of two camera operators for the entire day and more hours of coverage. This plan is the most elaborate with a highlights reel of the day to cap off the production and two camera tracks to cut between for all of the days events. We find that having a second videographer allows the shooters to work towards more creative shots and enables them to cover all activities while still having time for interviews.
Here’s a little bit more to know about our packages and service. Capturing personalities and interactions among the wedding party, families and of course the couple plus capturing wedding day preparations and the couple posing are what we are best at! Of course seeing your ceremony, the tears, the embraces, and hearing the preacher is very important as well and we do record every bit of your ceremony with wireless microphones for sound. We also record all the special events at your reception in high quality and put them into the finished dvd. Here at Vibe Productions we put more emphasis on interacting skillfully and personally in the wedding environment than simply recording from afar.
We film weddings in Indianapolis, South Bend, Mishawaka, Fort Wayne and the entire state of Indiana. We like to film nearly every weekend during the summer and end up with a pretty large studio workload of projects to edit. We generally like to edit one project at a time and in the order they are filmed. Each project takes anywhere from 25-50 hrs to finish! You can see how it usually takes a couple of months from the shoot to the final output.
I know there is always great anticipation in receiving your video or photos from your wedding day. We value your investment and work really hard at turning out edits in a timely manner. We generally expect around 8-12 weeks turn around time from shooting to final output. The maximum we allow ourselves for editing is three months time.
What we’re about at Vibe Productions is giving you the best quality video for your investment.  Your special day is very special to us as well and it reflects in our work.Thanks for contacting Vibe Productions for your wedding day needs!
Vibe Productions