At Vibe Productions in Indianapolis Ind. we’ve always worked hard to make quality and artistic integrity top priority. Being in a creative industry we don’t have any formula for doing the same thing over and over again and as fast as possible like the typical business model encourages. In fact I don’t want to know exactly how to go about a project when I begin it; I want each project to take on a life of its own so to speak. Approaching each project as a shooter and editor I make the best choices I can and incorporate things I’ve done in the past that work while trying new techniques that are appropriate to the given project.
Being a media artist I’m always working creatively and trying to understand the creative process. Creativity usually happens in a moment of inspiration that I believe is impossible to replicate or formulate exactly. It’s just something the artist has to allow themself the chance to do by foregoing the “safe approach.” This doesn’t mean never having a plan of action or not using proven methods, quite the opposite. Making great work whatever form it takes involves preparations, doing homework, thinking of possibilities and making a very conscious and thoughtful effort to do good work. When I’m doing a project the thing that drives me most besides a deadline is my ambition¬†to do great work. I want to be original and do something the customer and I will both be proud of.
I believe there are a two types of video production companies. Those which are creative driven and offer a good service at a fair price. And those which are business driven charging as much as they can for a generic product. I consider my business to be in the first category. Being an independent producer and having low overhead allows me to offer personalized productions at a very affordable cost lending my experience and talent to every film produced.
While searching for your wedding service providers I suggest you consider a company’s business structure (creative original or business driven) before booking.