Helpful Tips in Making a Wedding Video:
The wedding of a loved one is coming up and because of some budget restrictions you have been asked or volunteered to handle the wedding video. People will mistakenly assume that since you have a camera and tripod you are an expert candidate for the job. The camera equipment although important is just a starting point, planning ahead and knowing what to expect are no doubt your best moves and here are some tips to help you do that and take some of the stress off:
• Use your manual camera settings. This is important for achieving good looking video. With weddings you’re often in dark places where shooting in auto can cause you not only to have dark footage but to have footage unpredictably shift from dark to light and go in and out of focus as you move the shot. Sometimes automatic focus is necessary with people moving and walking but when possible its best to be in manual.
• Make sure your shots are steady, hold the camera firmly but not too tight as this may cause shaking of your arms, keep both hands on the camera when possible and don’t make alot of sudden moves. Also use a tripod when possible the footage will be much smoother.
• Plan for the future, when shooting begin to think about your next shot, try to keep a good idea of where the bride, groom and wedding party are at all times and what they are doing this will help you to know what shots you can get in the time you have and hopefully allow you to catch the important and interesting events.
• Interview the couple
A good addition to the wedding video footage is to interview the couple separately. Do the interview before the ceremony starts while they are getting ready.
• Shoot extra footage
One common mistake is not having enough footage to choose from in editing, this isn’t a time to be minimalistic shoot often and shoot alot of tape don’t worry too much about extra time in editing.
• Match camera settings
To prevent color mismatch, set the cameras to the same white balance and match exposure settings this will ensure good footage and cut down on time spent color correcting.
These tips are only a few things you can do to be prepared in shooting your wedding day. Remember these guidelines are just the basics to guide you. Its important to have experience, practice and professional training for creating excellent wedding video. Choose an expert to record your special day at.