Thanks for visiting Vibe Productions I thought I would take a minute and write some tips for those of you unsure yet if you want to hire a professional videographer to film your wedding or tape it yourself.
First thing to consider is equipment and I’m going to focus on cameras in this post.
Your most important acquisition is definitely a camera that does well in poorly lit situations and the little handy cams you can find everywhere probably just won’t cut it. A good “wedding” camera is any dslr with at least a 4/3 sensor. These are a bit older now so you can probably find one for around a $1,000 used. Be careful when buying used though since for any repairs no matter how insignificant will cost you at least $500. This will make that good deal suddenly not look so good.
I’ve had marginal success buying used cameras on ebay but its one way to go. Try your best to get an idea of how the camera was used, how many hrs are on it and if its been sent in for servicing or has any malfunctions. Also consider buying new batteries as the ones sold used are usually drained and not good for long shoots. You will need at least two full size batteries to shoot your wedding.
I’ll have more on this subject in the near future. . but will leave off here for now. Thanks for visiting and check back soon!