We were recently mentioned in a post by Heather from Indianapolis Limo here in Indianapolis, Ind. about choosing your wedding videographer! It’s very comprehensive and has great advice for a bride who isn’t sure where to start in their search for a wedding filmmaker.
Here’s a direct link to the article!
I’ve also thought a lot about this topic and have a suggestion to add to this wonderful article.
Of course it’s good to meet with your select vendors before deciding what’s best for you however it can be overwhelming to meet with an excessive list of vendors only to awkwardly tell them later sorry we don’t want to use you! Remember wedding vendors are people too and nobody enjoys rejection so let them down easy if you must! Try to meet with who you believe to be your best fit first. If you really hit it off with them and like their work, rates etc. take their contract home look it over carefully and consider booking them sooner rather than later. Your vendor will greatly appreciate this and you won’t lose your date to another customer!