Ian & Patti {Wedding in Columbus, Ohio}

We got this weekend started off with a bang at Ian and Patti’s wedding ceremony in Columbus Ohio! Several years ago I attended art school and became friends with Ian’s sister Emily which has since led to filming for Emily and Bill, Abby and Mark and now Ian and Patti’s wedding all of which were a wonderful experience! I truly appreciate the Stewart family and will treasure the many wonderful memories I have of spending time with them and being at their wedding celebrations.

Ian and Patti were married in Columbus, OH in a small ceremony and Ian’s mother hired us also to film the reception the next day in Pittsburg, PA. In the meantime I put together a next day edit to play at the reception which was really great for those who weren’t there at the ceremony. I feel that this highlights displays the couple’s wonderful personalities accurately and I was thrilled everyone enjoyed it!

Congrats Ian and Patti and best wishes for your future.

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  1. We can’t thank you enough for this video. We had no idea that you would be working hard all day Friday to have it ready for the reception. What a gift that was to our family to be able to share it with those at the reception! Thank you again so very much! Heidi Stewart

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