Here at Vibe we offer state of the art video services including and new this year High Definition Video. We are very happy to provide excellent HD wedding video for our clients and are probably one of the most affordable producers of real Hd in Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Mishawaka and all the surrounding areas we serve. It hasn’t been easy going HD but in buying the right equipment and plenty of troubleshooting we’ve developed a smooth HD workflow right here in our own Macintosh powered editing suite!
If you’ve ever seen an awesome movie in the theatre then rented the dvd later only to be disappointed by the downgrade in picture and sound quality. Consider the fact that with HD recording and output to Blu Ray disc you will be able to re-create the theatre experience anytime you want by viewing your wedding in your own home or in the home of a friend who has an Hd entertainment center.
Here at Vibe Productions we always look toward the future to stay current on Visual media trends. With bigger TV sets and better prices home entertainment has definitely improved in quality and affordability. With the trend moving toward all HD Tv’s and entertainment why not upgrade with us and get the very most out of your video production, you’ll be happy you did.