Things have been busy lately.  There have been several shoots we’ve been on since blogging last and I’ll make a brief description of each in one blogging post to save on time, all my recent shoots have been great beautiful locations and weather.  The first I need to catch up writing on is the Matthew and Jennifer Freed wedding June 6, 2009.  Matthew is my first cousin and I got to travel to Virginia with the family and film the event for him.  Very fun day as we hung out with family and enjoyed great food and a reception outside on the picturesque mountain property of his parents home.  Next weekend was Ben and Evanya Graber which I did a post on I believe.. The weekend after was Elizabeth Enfield and Mike Henderson June 20 This was an outdoor celebration at the Ruthmere Mansion in Elkhart along the River.  Beautiful grounds and a very beautiful wedding with the ceremony in the back garden and the reception in the front lawn, the wedding got a write up as part of the Elkhart project by msnbc.   Next weekend was the Julie Riley Justin Kilmer wedding.  The ceremony was at her parents home  in Larimer Greens Goshen on the Black Squirrel golf course.   The reception took place in the ECCC building at the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds. The building space is large and hosted a huge crowd easily plus a stage dj and a full band.