Cory and Mallory {Wedding in Amboy, Indiana}

Cory and Mallory had a very heartfelt ceremony with an exchange of vows that left everyone emotional, which of course is why we bring the cameras! They left in a very cool classic Cutlass and led us out through the countryside to the reception at Cory’s parents beautiful home estate.

We all had a wonderful time celebrating concluding with a fireworks display of real and natural fireworks (lightning). Congrats Cory and Mallory!

Michael and Jen {Wedding in South Bend Ind.}

I first met bff’s Jen and Mary when they visited my studio with their fiance’s way back in the spring of 2010 for a consultation. These two were best friends who just so happened to be planning their weddings at the same time. Every girls dream right? Their fiance’s Michael and Andy are really cool guys and were very helpful in the planning experience as well. So long story short I was thrilled to film for both couples, both weddings being fantastic experiences.

Michael and Jen’s day was as flawless and carefree as a ride on their party bus! We went from the ceremony at St. Adaberts to the Marriott for a great photo/video session and then on to the reception at St Andrews all in South Bend. I hope you’ll enjoy this highlights from their day!

new year expectations

This is an exciting time for Vibe Productions as we take on another year in business and continue to grow our portfolio and client base. This year we are especially looking forward to continued technical advances as we were able to recently enter the world of dslr videography using digital single lens reflex cameras commonly used to take pictures but also sought after now by cinematographers as a less expensive alternative to 35mm film. The cameras have excellent features such as the ability to change lenses, full HD resolution and excellent light and color space. I’ve had the chance to use my slr on several projects this past fall and am looking forward to doing more work with and accessorizing the camera this year.

I’m also looking forward to opportunities to fill the role of cinematographer/director on a couple of independent projects that are in the works now and slated to begin shooting sometime this spring here in Indianapolis.

I hope for you and us that the next year will bring prosperity, change, and blessings.

Tanya and Roger’s wedding day

Here’s something we’ve cooked up recently in our Indianapolis Studio. Take a second and enjoy some High definition wedding beauty from Tanya & Roger’s day set to a great version of, Can’t help falling in Love, by Micheal Buble.