Promotional film for Josephiney Photography

Recently, I had the privilege of filming for Joanne Kaser of Josephiney Photography! We were fortunate to get an awesome day for shooting and a photogenic couple Joanne knew to model for us. After hitting several unique spots throughout town and in a small patch of woods nearby I can see how Wakarusa is where she loves to do photography.

I think the film will be a wonderful way for clients to get to know Joanne and see how she works in just a few minutes! We welcome any and all interested in creating a bio/promo for their business to contact us. And on a side note, check out our After Effects animation work on the butterfly. Enjoy!

Music Video Production

Vibe Productions offers music video production services as well as the many other types of video services we provide. I recently finished filming and editing a music video for a client in Fort Wayne Indiana who is a very talented up and coming artist. We had a great time recording the scenes in the downtown Fort Wayne area and everything came together great in our Indianapolis editing suite.

Video for Medical

I was recently hired by Eli Lilly and Company’s German affiliate to record a video message from a Bloomington IU Professor and Chemist for a celebratory event they are having in Germany regarding a particular drug he invented. Although there was a horrendous storm going on while we were recording It turned out great!