I had the pleasure to direct and film another music video for Indiana singer/songwriter Loren Ann Martin. The song is a cool twist on liking country music but not really understanding it and being a city girl who wants to be more “country.”
We wanted to make the video funny while telling a clear story and incorporating plenty of singing scenes which I think we achieved well. The shots of Loren “learning” to be country were all filmed several weeks ago in one crazy day of bad weather which actually turned out to be a nice addition providing plenty of country mud and a good lowlight effect for shooting.
The singing scenes were recorded this past weekend in contrasting excellent weather which made the shots look very clear and bold. Loren did an amazing job singing and acting without a whole lot of direction and Loren’s mom who’s been very helpful in producing did all the wardrobe and location scouting for the shoots which helped out greatly. Enjoy the video!
Loren Ann Martin © Country Girl