Indianapolis Music Video Producer

I recently finished up work on a music video for Loren Martin an up and coming artist from the Fort Wayne Ind. area. We shot the singing scenes on this really cool tethered looking stage at Rick O Shays irish pub in Fort Wayne using canon slr cameras and a minimal three point lighting system which rendered excellent results. I also directed and filmed a few small scenes meant to stimulate the storyline and was really happy with how it all came together. Have a look for yourself and tell us what you think!



  1. I am very impressed with the quality of this video! The shots are well constructed and the edited results are very professional. Very nice work!

    1. Thanks Kenny, appreciate it!!

  2. hey great work im trying to find someone to shoot a music video. how much do you charge?

  3. Please get ahold of me. I’m in need of a mv producer.

  4. Yah it was not Bad. it was pretty Good. are in the business of making music video or just personal. I need a music video done for my artist. if not can you tell me of some one who dose music videos?

    1. Hello, yes I do music videos for clients. What is the idea behind your project? Please contact me at or leave your phone # so I can call. Thanks

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