Bar Mitzvah

Vibe Productions is proud to offer its services for Bar Mitzvah’s in Indianapolis, Chicago, South Bend, and the general Michiana Region.  We recognize Bar Mitzvah as a sacred coming of age celebration where your child has a great party and also a sacred spiritual experience.  We don’t have specific prices listed for Bar Mitzvah coverage on our web page however you will find them comparable to our wedding packages.  Please call for more detailed information on pricing and coverage as we aim to suite your cost requirments with a package that will fit your event!

Looking for Bar Mitzvah gift ideas for your child or someone special here is some I came across that would be appropriate!

Stone Chumash (published by ArtScroll), an excellent translation of the Five Books of Moses with running commentary on every page
Book of our Heritage by Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov (Feldheim), a beautiful overview of the Jewish holidays
The Bar Mitzvah Treasury, an illustrated collection of customs and inspiring stories (by Rabbi Yonah Weinrib and Rabbi Yaakov Salomon; ArtScroll)
The Thinking Teenagers Guide to Life by Rabbi Akiva Tatz (Targum), gripping essays on forging a path through life
Sand and Stars by Yaffa Ganz (ArtScroll), a two-volume book about Jewish history, written especially for teenagers
Shmooze by Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith, a fun book that provokes thoughtful discussions on essential Jewish issues
The Long Road to Freedom, by Avner Gold, an exciting historical novel filled with intrigue and insight into Jewish life.
Bible for the Clueless But Curious by Rabbi Nachum Braverman (Leviathan), packed with wisdom on relationships, spirituality and more
Candles in my Window by Beth Firestone, a delightful fiction book about a young girl discovering her Judaism
Triumph –’s popular book of inspiring true stories of challenge and spiritual growth.

If all else fails, you can always give money. It is a nice idea to give $18 (or some multiple thereof), since the numerical value of 18 in Hebrew is “Chai,” which means “Life.”

Photo Montage

Need help creating a photo montage for your wedding or other special event;  Graduation party, wedding anniversary, Bar Mitzvah ect?  Vibe Productions can work with you to put together a beautiful, original piece you will cherish.

The picture slideshow when done effectively with music and content can be a very compelling  The montage posted below was played during the couple’s wedding ceremony and was apparently  so moving a number of people watching began to cry!  Now whether this is the desired effect depends on the situation but it’s amazing how much emotion can be stimulated by good  image and sound.

We don’t use generic software for editing pictures together, we do it one pic at a time choosing the time and amount of image pan and the lenth of the frames.  Take a look at this example!