Wedding Videography for White River Garden Wedding at Indianapolis Zoo

Daniel and Yixuan were amazing to work with. This was an extraordinary event for us for a couple of reasons. One, this was the first time I filmed at the White River Gardens in the Indianapolis Zoo and was really blown away by the natural beauty of the space! Another reason was that the couple hired us to do both photography and videography for the day. I don’t typically do wedding photography but in this situation it was a great choice so I shot pictures while our talented filmmakers shot video. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to provide both services! Check out this short highlights from their wonderful event!
























Wedding Planners

Weddings are a great part of life and a significant milestone for many of us.  Although they may be nerve racking, stressful to plan and generally expensive many still opt for that special day to seal the deal.

I would challenge anyone planning a wedding to keep this goal in mind.  A happy and successful wedding, not necessarily a perfect wedding, although a well planned wedding does enhance the experience for everyone.  Being a visual person I often reference other work for inspiration and believe its my responsibility as an artist to do so.  In the same way I would encourage you to plan for your wedding by watching wedding video!  Video is a great reference for decor and planning the flow and activities of the day.  I would encourage you to see some of the video displayed here on my webpage, also we’d be happy to show you some examples of well planned weddings we’ve filmed.