Perez-Graber Wedding

Ivannia Elizabeth Perez and Benjamin Joel Graber were married June 13th, 2009 at the East Goshen Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana.  It was an excellent wedding celebration and Vibe Productions was thrilled to be videotaping the day.  There was excellent music by Gaska String Quartet, photos by Luara Buss and Dj-ing the event at the Spohn Ballroom was Vibe Entertainment also a great meal by Pumpernickels catering.  Some highlights were:  Ben and Ivannia made their faith a prominent part of the day with prayer before by the groomsmen, and several scripture readings and hyms during the ceremony, almost the entire wedding party left a personal video message to the bride and groom, reception set- up (very nice) and a wedding party and bride and groom who weren’t afraid to dance and have fun!

Vibe Team

I wanted to make note quick that Vibe Productions partners with Vibe Photography Entertainment to offer wedding services all under the same brand Vibe.  The video side of Vibe is headed up by myself Vibe Productions the latest addition to the team I joined around a year and a half ago bringing over 6 years of profession video production experience.

Since we do find it more effective to work together as a team we offer a significant price break of 5% when our services are booked for the wedding day the main advantage being ease of communication.

So when considering hiring your wedding professionals take into account their experience working together.  Thank you for considering Vibe’s Services for your upcoming event.

Mitchell English wedding

Feb 14 was  a sweet day for Jamie Mitchell and Micheal English as they said vows on V-day at the Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Mishawaka.  Vibe Productions was there to capture the couple and all the days events on video for them to remember forever.  The ceremony went great and soon afterward the wedding party and family headed to the Century Center South Bend for photos with Amanda Fales.  On a related note;  If your planning a wedding in winter or early spring such as this one and want to get nice pictures in natural light but don’t want the freezing temp’s of shooting outside I would definitely recommend the Century Center main reception area for its different looks and tons of glass for light.

The reception took place at Juday Creek where we were served absolutely excellent food made fresh in the kitchen.  The venue was very spacious and well laid out plus has a huge window view overlooking the golf course, excellent bar and staff as well.  Vibe Entertainment was there to provide Dj services.  Its always a pleasure working with them as they do excellent work and don’t start events without warning the video/photography crews!  Thanks to the family for making it a fantastic day and we’ll look forward to getting the footage out.

Gale-Smolen Wedding

Saturday Aug 23, 2008 Jonathan Gale and Rebecca Smolen were married at the Taltree Aboretum & Gardens in Valparaiso, IN. The venue was beautiful and the weather excellent.

Ben Stoffel came as a second camera operator for the silver package.  We were able to get two fantastic angles of the entire ceremony as well as put wireless microphone on the readers and on the groom.

The reception was just a few miles away at the Strongbow Inn Valparaiso, this was a really warm environment.  Low lit (okay for me since I always use a 50W camera light).  The croud was great and allowed us some good interviews as well as very entertaining dance moves to get on film.  Excellent job Jon and Rebecca!