Sports Videography

It’s that time of year again – football season. Vibe Productions has been filming football games at Brebuef Jesuit School in Indianapolis, Ind.  at the request of one of the player’s parents. The video is used for review and study of the games as well as for a keepsake (something to have after season and high school days are over to remember it all by).

Video is an excellent way to record very important events and create keepsake’s to treasure. But this is just one of very many purposes video serves. There is so many means by which videographers and filmmakers can express themselves. It’s a very exciting time to be a visual artist with the tools and variety of mediums available. There’s so many formats to work in such as documentary, music, sports, dance, movie’s, short films, promotion, advertising, educational, instructional and many more.

While at Vibe we focus primarily on documenting and producing events, we continue to explore the many other aspects of video production. We love to take on any new challenges our customers may have for us; no two projects are ever the same and should not be approached as such. Our company was built on the love for contemporary media and its power for visual storytelling and lord willing we will continue to produce and master new and better ways to create for and serve our clients in the future.

ND Bengal Bouts

Vibe Productions was recently invited to film a boxing match at the 79th annual Bengal mission bouts match-up at the Notre Dame Joyce Center.  The event conceived in 1931 by legendary football coach Knute Rockney to keep his football players in shape during the off-season still goes on today and raises around $50,000 annually for charity in Dhaka, Bangladesh where the Holy Cross-founded Notre Dame College is located.  Donations are used for various purposes including schooling, disaster relief, clinics, food and the institution of social projects involving the thousands of people who receive the benefit of these donations.

The tournament is comprised entirely of ND students who train for several months just for the event.  I’ve included a brief video clip from one of the contests.

Ticketing and Schedule info.

ND shoot for Stack Media

A couple months back Vibe Productions had the opportunity to shoot interviews for Stack Magazine an online and print resource for young athletes looking to get into college athletics at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN. Working with Stack as a freelance videographer is risky business honestly. Their disclaimer is they don’t pay freelance debts until 2 months after the shoot. Guess what 2 months came and went for me and I never heard from them. I had done two shoots for them. I called the department of payroll several times with no results, after getting in touch with the producer I was able to finally get paid. Not something I would go through again.

The video did turn out pretty cool. I filmed interviews and got b-roll as we spent the day moving around campus and talking to various athletic department heads and student athletes. I believe we covered ND ice hockey, mens soccer, girls soccer, and lacrosse. I’ve included a link to the video taken there. Vibe Productions was contracted freelance for the shooting on this project. Check out the film here