Harvest Church Promotional Video

This is a promotional video we created for Harvest Community Church in Goshen, IN.  The concept was to show the mission and values of the church in a 90 second piece.  It was challenging getting all the shots we needed during services and took a few weeks of shoots but with help from the people at Zion and a great voice over effort by a member of the church we have a very compelling piece that I believe promotes the church well.

Botswana video

In conjunction with the folks at the Mennonite Mission Network, MMN.  Vibe Productions has produced a video on a recent trip to Francistown Botswana by members of the network.  The video documents with photos and song the youth of the Bopaganang Basha Ba Semoya youth center and they’re daily struggles and faith in God.   The church has worked with this organization since 1987 and are helping them succeed in spreading the gospel and raising awareness about HIV.  Audio for the video is a highlight.  Ursula Green did a fabulous job with the voice over.