Sports Videography

It’s that time of year again – football season. Vibe Productions has been filming football games at Brebuef Jesuit School in Indianapolis, Ind.  at the request of one of the player’s parents. The video is used for review and study of the games as well as for a keepsake (something to have after season and high school days are over to remember it all by).

Video is an excellent way to record very important events and create keepsake’s to treasure. But this is just one of very many purposes video serves. There is so many means by which videographers and filmmakers can express themselves. It’s a very exciting time to be a visual artist with the tools and variety of mediums available. There’s so many formats to work in such as documentary, music, sports, dance, movie’s, short films, promotion, advertising, educational, instructional and many more.

While at Vibe we focus primarily on documenting and producing events, we continue to explore the many other aspects of video production. We love to take on any new challenges our customers may have for us; no two projects are ever the same and should not be approached as such. Our company was built on the love for contemporary media and its power for visual storytelling and lord willing we will continue to produce and master new and better ways to create for and serve our clients in the future.

Concert Videographer

Vibe Productions will be filming this evening at the Boot City Opry in Terra Haute Indiana just a quick hour and a half trip from here in Indianapolis. We were requested for the gig by a couple who does unique musical productions and needs a demo for promotional use.

We plan to use three HD cams to cover the stage and will use shotgun microphones mounted on camera for sound. Usually I prefer a line feed however we have to record audio this way as the sound will be coming unmixed from the instruments. The nice thing about live sound is enhanced audience noise.

I’m sure it will be very entertaining. Check in later for video from the show!