Less travel charges

Vibe Productions, previously located in Goshen, Ind., has moved to Indianapolis in order to provide exceptional video to both Northern and Central Indiana.  Being in Indianapolis allows us to film as far north as Michigan and as far south as Bloomington (where we will be this weekend for the Kirtley-Byington Wedding) without incurring travel charges to our customers. Travel charges for long distances are sometimes an unfortunate necessity. Due to the fact people generally don’t like paying extra travel costs, Vibe is trying to avoid them for more clients in more areas.

If you find us online or through a referral but feel we may be too far away to serve you please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Vibe Productions filmed the Wedding of Brad and Jessica Webb this past weekend in Goshen, IN. Brad and Jessica live here in Indianapolis but returned to Goshen, our hometown as well, for their wedding. Their ceremony was at the First United Methodist Church downtown with the reception following at the Maplecrest Country Club, also in Goshen. We got some great shots of the wedding party on the golf course with Jeanne Allen and were later treated to an excellent dinner from Stephanie Downey and staff. It was a beautiful day altogether and a lot of fun! Check this blog later in the week for video from the day.

In Indianapolis

Vibe Video Productions is now located in Indianapolis, IN.  Although we’ve moved we still provide service to Northern Indiana.

And for the really good news, Julie and I were recently married and are back from an excellent honeymoon in Mexico!  Props to Lisa Weisser lisa@weissertravel.com our travel agent for setting us up on a very affordable all inclusive vacation at a 5 star in the Riviera Maya.  Will be Honeymooners definitely give her a chance to set you up.

The time off was certainly nice but now its back to work with fresh ideas and inspiration to start a new season of weddings and life.  I have to say being on the other side of the camera gave me a fresh perspective and a new appreciation for what the couple goes through on their wedding day, its a wild ride, and by the end of the day you feel like its all a been a blur.

Julie and I talked and reminisced for hours after the wedding putting memories together as best we could but after all that we still both desperately want to see what it was like again from our perspective or from someone else’s.  For that we’re relying on the wedding video taken and our photos.  We’ve already seen some of the photos and they’re excellent, Jeanne & Barry two good friends of mine and great shooters did a wonderful job with them.  I must say, and not being too biased as a wedding videographer myself, to really comprehend the day and remember all that happened we’re going to have to see video and lucky for me I’m going to edit it soon!  What happens with weddings is we put so much time and energy into making it just right and getting everyone we care about in one place it becomes one of the most amazing days in our lifetime.  There’s so many happy and special memories its too important not to film and film well.

Erica + Landon {Winter wedding}

Vibe Productions was present to film the wedding of Erica Johnson and Landon Rupp several weeks ago December 12th 2009.  December weddings were popular this year for us!

The wedding was at the Eight Street Mennonite church in Goshen, IN and the reception at the Spohn Ballroom.  It was a cold day but not cold enough to keep us from doing some great pictures outside on the Goshen College campus with Vibe Photography and some excellent video outside the Spohn building later in the snow!  Check out this HD Highlights Reel to see the snowflakes.  Congrats Guys!

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