Music Art and Video

Check out this vignette of shots from a morning on the streets of Brooklyn, NY. My brother and I were filming scenes for his artist profile (which is here on the blog a couple posts back) and ended up taking this section out as it turned into more of an art film with music video undertones. I had a lot of fun on this one and love it.





Indianapolis Music Video Producer

I recently finished up work on a music video for Loren Martin an up and coming artist from the Fort Wayne Ind. area. We shot the singing scenes on this really cool tethered looking stage at Rick O Shays irish pub in Fort Wayne using canon slr cameras and a minimal three point lighting system which rendered excellent results. I also directed and filmed a few small scenes meant to stimulate the storyline and was really happy with how it all came together. Have a look for yourself and tell us what you think!


Music Video Production

Vibe Productions offers music video production services as well as the many other types of video services we provide. I recently finished filming and editing a music video for a client in Fort Wayne Indiana who is a very talented up and coming artist. We had a great time recording the scenes in the downtown Fort Wayne area and everything came together great in our Indianapolis editing suite.