Event in Three Oaks, MI

Vibe Productions was present to film for Beth and Joel this past summer when the weather was a distant memory from what it is now. They had an excellent outdoor wedding on the Willow Harbor Vineyards estate complete with a guitar duo I was able to get shots of warming up to the Beatles. Since Beth and Joel like the Beatles It worked well to start the video with the guitarists and transition to the original song.

Congrats Joel and Beth!

How to choose your wedding videographer

In previous posts on this topic I’ve covered questions concerning experience, equipment, and services offered. These are important but also important is the personal connection you make with your pros. Of course you need to ask questions regarding the services they provide but try and avoid sounding suspicious or skeptical especially if this is someone you have a good feeling about. You don’t want your videographer or photographer to be offended by you before your day for obvious reasons! This being said please don’t choose your provider based mainly on their personal charm or lack thereof. Great charisma may sell a video but not get the work done right.