Cara + Ryan {The Morris Theatre, South Bend Wedding}

Here’s a quick look at what we’re working on here in our Indianapolis studio. This scene is taken from the Healy/Melvin wedding this past fall at the Morris Center for Performing Arts in South Bend Indiana where the reception and ceremony were both held in the Palais Royal ballroom upstairs. Its always nice for photography purposes when the wedding is in a scenic location such as this and the couple is willing to meet each other before the wedding as they did. We were able to get some excellent footage outside the Morris and down the road at Howard Park along with Josephineyphotography Great looks guys!


Vibe Productions although a wedding video provider has the training and skill sets for fine art as well.  Since we do a majority of our business in the wedding industry working with couples it just seems natural we should offer wedding day or engagement portraits done in freehand graphite, acrylic, pastels or oils.  This is a newly offered service but we have been working in the fine arts for many years and have perfected those skills while attending the Columbus College of Art and Design.  An expertly hand crafted portrait is a treasure you and your significant other will cherish for a lifetime.