Affordable Wedding

There seems to be an unlimited amount of options and price ranges to go with when it comes to wedding planning. Don’t get frustrated or feel like you can’t have your dream wedding because of budget restrictions and the still recovering economy.. take a huge loan..just kidding!

Its possible to have a beautiful wedding on just about any budget the best part is you don’t have to do without things you want- especially don’t do without videography and photos as this will be your only visual proof and the best way to preserve your memories of the day. Here’s a clip written about a wedding Vibe Productions filmed last summer, a good example of a beautiful wedding on a budget. Read full article here

“Elizabeth and Mike both attend college in Chicago, but thoughts of a big city wedding faded fast with the economic reality. Elizabeth said that probably 75 percent of their 200 guests were directly affected in one way or another by the recession. An Elkhart wedding cut down on their travel costs and enabled her to get better deals for the wedding party. Bargain shopping landed the bridesmaids outfits, including jewelry and shoes, for about $90. The groomsmen bought suits for under $100 instead of renting expensive tuxedos. The caterer, rentals and cake all came from local businesses and the invitations were from Target. After finding just the right wedding dress in a Chicago boutique for $700, Elizabeth searched on eBay and bought the same dress, brand new with tags, for just $250.

None of the budget-friendly items detracted from the scene in the courtyard of the Ruthmere Mansion.”    by  (John Makely /

Highlights video.

Work with MMN mennonite mission network

We’re very excited about the work we’ve been able to do recently with the Mennonite Mission Network and look forward to future Promotional video work with the company.
This video’s purpose was to promote and raise funds for a new facility MMN is building in Elkhart, IN.

Recent Weddings

Erica Trojan & Tim Brumbaugh,  this was a great middle of August smokin hot day, Erica decked out the Vinyard Syracuse church with candles and greenery, to resemble a garden theme.  Very nice reception as well!  There was great food and plenty of good times and dancing to go around.

Last weekend we filmed the Grey Thompson wedding, it was in the St. Jons Episcopal Church Elkhart beautiful place and within walking distance to the riverwalk where we took pictures with Steve and Ashley of Pointphotodesign studios.  We got some really nice shots together as usual.  Reception took place at the Spohn Ballroom goshen, my fav location as our studio is in the building!

Several posts in one

Things have been busy lately.  There have been several shoots we’ve been on since blogging last and I’ll make a brief description of each in one blogging post to save on time, all my recent shoots have been great beautiful locations and weather.  The first I need to catch up writing on is the Matthew and Jennifer Freed wedding June 6, 2009.  Matthew is my first cousin and I got to travel to Virginia with the family and film the event for him.  Very fun day as we hung out with family and enjoyed great food and a reception outside on the picturesque mountain property of his parents home.  Next weekend was Ben and Evanya Graber which I did a post on I believe.. The weekend after was Elizabeth Enfield and Mike Henderson June 20 This was an outdoor celebration at the Ruthmere Mansion in Elkhart along the River.  Beautiful grounds and a very beautiful wedding with the ceremony in the back garden and the reception in the front lawn, the wedding got a write up as part of the Elkhart project by msnbc.   Next weekend was the Julie Riley Justin Kilmer wedding.  The ceremony was at her parents home  in Larimer Greens Goshen on the Black Squirrel golf course.   The reception took place in the ECCC building at the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds. The building space is large and hosted a huge crowd easily plus a stage dj and a full band.  The Riley’s dressed it up really nice with pillars and decorations from grand party rental.