divine road trip married at St. Monica and Morris Park CC in South Ben

Chrissy and Rick’s Divine Road Trip as Husband and Wife!

Wow, what fun it was to witness the beginning of Chrissy and Rick’s divine road trip as husband and wife! Their whole day was great. Chrissy, Rick and their wedding party had no trouble goofing around and posing for us and the lovely Sarah Sage Photo who kindly referenced us to them.


A couple of additional highlights. Their priest was not only hilarious but very insightful in his homily. He correlated marriage to a divine road trip. I’ve never heard this expression used but it really makes sense. In marriage much like a road trip you choose your partner and start your adventure. On a long road trip you better like your travel partner because you’re going to be spending a lot of time together. Also as in marriage choose someone who can help you get through. The divine aspect being marriage is orchestrated and ordained by God. Marriage is his idea. So there you have it, a divine road trip! Another highlight, though not as thought provoking. Rick and his groomsmen made a human pyramid! That’s something isn’t it? I’m glad to say the pyramid stood strong and no one was crushed. So there’s a good metaphor for Chrissy and Rick’s marriage!

The wedding

The wedding ceremony was at the beautiful St. Monica Catholic church and the reception at the newly renovated and amazing Morris Park Country Club in South Bend, Indiana. In fact Chrissy and Rick were the very first couple to host a reception at Morris Park since it’s remodel so they got to do their turns on a brand new dance floor and we got a first look at all the new updates. And of course Elena and team did a great job serving a delicious dinner and hosting us all. Also check out the new space in the film we did for Lindsay and Stephen just a couple weeks later!

Our best to Chrissy & Rick in their divine road trip as husband and wife!

Music Video Production

Vibe Productions offers music video production services as well as the many other types of video services we provide. I recently finished filming and editing a music video for a client in Fort Wayne Indiana who is a very talented up and coming artist. We had a great time recording the scenes in the downtown Fort Wayne area and everything came together great in our Indianapolis editing suite.

Company Bio

Vibe Productions was founded early fall of 2007 by yours truly Jake Stutzman. Vibe does various video projects but focuses primarily on wedding video something I have been doing for several years since earning my BFA at Columbus College of Art and Design 2003. During my last year in school I was blessed to find video work for a company named Bihari Productions a small video production house that produced around 50 wedding videos a year. There I was privileged to work with film maker Mr. Bihari who taught me professional video making and film making techniques. I worked as an editor and cameraman there for a year plus and when the time came for change decided to move to California. While in Cali I also landed a job at a small events company who hired me on as an employee after my editing on a freelance project or two. Working there was a fantastic experience. After some time however I determined to come back to the Midwest and began freelance work at the PBS station WNIT. Running camera in the studio and field and being around television production helped me to refine old skills and grow my own style for producing video into a mix of formal technique & creative abandon. My philosophy in video and art is to keep learning and changing using experience and inspiration to make each project the  best it can be. Presently Vibe Productions plans to continue growing and serving Indianapolis and the greater Midwest area.