United Artists

Vibe Productions recently filmed for the Artists Studio or “artiststudio” in Fishers Indiana just north of Indianapolis. The Artists Studio is a dance and theatre house which does productions geared towards training young people to act and sing. We set up multiple cameras with a sound feed and filmed their production of the sound of music which was enjoyable to watch as well as record. We handled the editing here in our studio and turned it over to them for distribution to clients. We have done several productions such as this and are always interested in working with dance and theatre productions to record and distribute dvd’s of their events.

Heidi & Dan’s Wedding

Here’s a quick look at a wedding from the editing room of our Indianapolis Studio. This is the opening segment from Heidi and Dan’s video filmed earlier this summer near Edwardsburg, MI. In this clip I included some shots of the wedding party doing a last-minute run through before their dance up the aisle and excellent poses of the couple with photographer Jeanne Allen who does a great job of getting fresh looks!

Sports Videography

It’s that time of year again – football season. Vibe Productions has been filming football games at Brebuef Jesuit School in Indianapolis, Ind.  at the request of one of the player’s parents. The video is used for review and study of the games as well as for a keepsake (something to have after season and high school days are over to remember it all by).

Video is an excellent way to record very important events and create keepsake’s to treasure. But this is just one of very many purposes video serves. There is so many means by which videographers and filmmakers can express themselves. It’s a very exciting time to be a visual artist with the tools and variety of mediums available. There’s so many formats to work in such as documentary, music, sports, dance, movie’s, short films, promotion, advertising, educational, instructional and many more.

While at Vibe we focus primarily on documenting and producing events, we continue to explore the many other aspects of video production. We love to take on any new challenges our customers may have for us; no two projects are ever the same and should not be approached as such. Our company was built on the love for contemporary media and its power for visual storytelling and lord willing we will continue to produce and master new and better ways to create for and serve our clients in the future.

On the Dance Floor

A question some couples ask themselves when planning for their wedding is “do we want a dj and dancing?” My response is of course! An important and fun part of any wedding we at Vibe Productions attend is the dance portion. Unless you have religious views that restrict dancing or the space won’t allow its a great way for you and guests to unwind and celebrate at the end of the day.  Also its necessary to have a sound system for introducing the wedding party and playing music for atmosphere.

Of course there’s the question of $ for hiring a dj. If you can afford it do it, if you need to save however..here’s a option I’d suggest.  Some dj’s including one I work with, Brian Craven out of Indianapolis, IN will rent out a dj kit (sound board, speakers ect.) set it up for you and allow you to hook your ipod to the system.  All you need then is a fun loving friend or a family member to take the place of a disk jockey by doing announcements and pushing play on the ipod at the right times. This obviously won’t be as smooth as having a pro on the job but you can still have a awesome reception get the job done cheaper!

expensive dance party

more affordable dance party