Trailer- Rheeta & Israel at Swan Lake in Plymouth, Ind.

Rheeta and Israel had a fantastic day for their event. Although a little chilly there was plenty of sunshine and everyone took part in an incredible wedding ceremony filled with emotion, laughter and great singing performances. And special thanks to Rheeta for sticking it out during the photo session although she was cold!
There were a couple of really neat cultural traditions we noticed at the ceremony of them being a slow walk during the procession. Another that the crowd really became part of the celebration by cheering and voicing their approval often. Swan Lake proved an excellent venue for both ceremony and reception and we had a fantastic time at both. Our best to the couple in the future!

Traditional African Wedding

Whew what a weekend. We filmed a total of about 14 hours in two days and have about as many hours of raw footage to show for it. The weekend was a success and I can’t wait to get into the editing. Should be some fun results as the wedding was a traditional African style celebration.
Today we worked on editing the Kirtley/Byington project and expect probably one more day to finish the edit.