Find a videographer (equipment)

Last post I began explaining the way to go about looking for your wedding videographer and would like to add some more to that.

3.  Equipment:  Does your videographer have the equipment to do the job right?  This is something you may be able to tell by watching some  video or by simply asking.  A professional wedding video should be shot with a professional camera.  This means not one of those handy little point and shoot models you can find at any super store  also no cameras  without 3 chip technology.  The 3 chip camera’s get much better contrast and color than do older 1 chip cameras.  Now though the newest cameras have gone back to 1 chip cmos technology which is as good or better than the 3chip.  Also a good thing to ask about is wether the video will include a wireless microphone placed either on the groom or the pastor.  A good wireless microphone is crucial to picking up the ministers sermon and the bride and grooms wedding vows.  Another thing you can ask about is what type of tripod will the videographer be placing his cameras on or will they be using  a tripod at all?  If not I would say that is a definite warning sign anyone attempting to shoot a wedding without a tripod is amature.  Also all tripods are not created equal a cheap one will leave you with jerky out of level shots while a nice fluid head tripod or two when used correctly will leave you with nice steady pans and tilts which will make your video have more movie quality.

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How to choose your wedding videographer

Here’s the question every bride who decides on wedding video will face at some point.  This is the same question a bride will ask for several of her vendor choices and its no easy one.   Basically its a process of finding good candidates online or through a friend and meeting with them.   Here are some things to consider when meeting your videographer.

1.  How good is the videographer in question at what he does?

Nothing in my opinion is as important to you as this, does your videographer have the background, the education, the equipment, the experience and creativity to make good videos?  This is something you will have to determine by asking about his/her professional experience and seeing work that is complete ie.  you can ask to see a demo or a video that has been recently completed so you can see the dvd menu’s how the chapters are laid out and how the wedding film is edited and put together with music.

2. What is your price range and what does the provider offer for your money?

Just because its expensive does not mean its better.  Don’t be fooled by perceived value, just because a videographer charges alot doesn’t mean they are good.  You decide what good is after all!  Work with whats in your price range and don’t be persuaded into huge packages unless you desire that and can afford it.

3.Video Editing?

This is obviously important to you for several reasons.  Many videographers including myself offer several package options.  Read the details of each package carefully.  Some companies have a package that doesn’t include cinematic editing or says (limited editing).   Be wary of this because you will be spending alot of money for a product that will be far from refined.  The amount of limited editing can vary from one producer to another but honestly a video shot and basically dumped to dvd will not be very pleasing to watch and you should see some previews of this before deciding on such an option.  A well edited and finished video has a personal and creative touch that goes much further than the latter but also takes alot of work usually between 15 to 30 hours of editing time.

Tips For Making Wedding Video

Helpful Tips in Making a Wedding Video

The wedding of a loved one is coming up and because of some budget restrictions you have been asked or volunteered to handle the wedding video.  People will mistakenly assume that since you have a camera and tripod you are an expert candidate for the job.  The camera equipment although important is just a starting point, planning ahead and knowing what to expect are no doubt your best moves and here are some tips to help you do that and take some of the stress off:

• Use your manual camera settings.  This is important for achieving good looking video.  With weddings you’re often in dark places where shooting in auto can cause you not only to have dark footage but to have footage unpredictably shift from dark to light and go in and out of focus as you move the shot.  Sometimes automatic focus is necessary with people moving and walking but when possible its best to be in manual.

• Make sure your shots are steady, hold the camera firmly but not too tight as this may cause shaking of your arms, keep both hands on the camera when possible and don’t make alot of sudden moves.  Also use a tripod when possible the footage will be much smoother.

• Plan for the future, when shooting begin to think about your next shot, try to keep a good idea of where the bride, groom and wedding party are at all times and what they are doing this will help you to know what shots you can get in the time you have and hopefully allow you to catch the important and interesting events.

• Interview the couple
A good addition to the wedding video footage is to interview the couple separately.  Do the interview before the ceremony starts while they are getting ready.

• Shoot extra footage
One common mistake is not having enough footage to choose from in editing, this isn’t a time to be minimalistic shoot often and shoot alot of tape don’t worry too much about extra time in editing.

• Match camera settings
To prevent color mismatch, set the cameras to the same white balance and match exposure settings this will ensure good footage and cut down on time spent color correcting.
These tips are only a few things you can do to be prepared in shooting your wedding day.  Remember these guidelines are just the basics to guide you.  Its important to have experience, practice and professional training for creating excellent wedding video.  Choose an expert to record your special day at.

Tape it yourself (Tripods)

Another thing you will need to consider having is a decent tripod especially if you plan on having someone man your camera a tripod with a fluid head is very desirable as the action on a cheap non fluid tripod is very inconsistent at best. You can pick up one of these for between one to two hundred on ebay used. I recommend bogen-manfrotto tripod components: 351MVB Tripod, 501HDV Fluid Head That’s the model I prefer however if your looking for something a bit more affordable 190XB 3-Section Tripod will get the job done nicely. For more info on filming keep checking in.