Mary and Jamie's hearts are at home together. Wedding at Notre Dame University. Met in Indiana fell in love and married at the Basilica!

My heart is at home | Wedding at notre dame in south bend, Indiana!

Hearing Mary and Jamie tell their story it’s easy to see their hearts are at home together. Mary says she knew the first time she saw Jamie. Jamie described taking Mary to vacation with his family very early on in their courtship and it being so natural. They are from opposite ends ends of the country. Mary from Florida and Jamie from California but their paths converged at the crossroads of America, Indiana! Since they met at Notre Dame University it was only fitting that they were married in a destination wedding on campus at The Basilica of the Sacred Heart back where it all began.

The idea of home being where the heart is was the meaning behind an awesome song Jamie wrote and performed for Mary at their reception at The Brick. Since they met whether they were just across campus from each other during college years or coasts apart they had found their home in one another. Our best to the new couple. May your home be blessed with happiness and filled with beauty!

Big, bold, beautiful wedding day at Notre Dame University in South Bend, IN. Big wedding party. Bold Speeches. Beautiful bride.

The Bold and Beautiful Wedding of Jana & Tyler | Notre Dame, IN

It was a big, bold, beautiful wedding day for Jana and Tyler on the campus of Notre Dame University! Certainly a day to remember. Jana and Tyler both have large extended families. They both attended Notre Dame where they met eventually fell in love and made countless friends and memories along the way.


For starter this was a big event! Take the wedding party. They had 11 Bridesmaids and groomsmen on each side. I’ve seen big wedding groups before and they’ve sometimes been difficult to manage but theirs was a fun group. They were all very attentive and having a blast. The ceremony was big! They packed the Basilica side to side and to the back rows. The reception didn’t fail to impress either. Jana and Tyler hosted some 400 guests in Dahnke Ballroom and completely filling the space with people excited to celebrate with them.


Jana and Tyler made bold choices for their day including having the largest most expensive venue in town for their wedding reception. They incorporated the President of the University to preside over their wedding and say the Homily. They also chose two very bold speakers to toast them at their reception! Jana’s maid of honer Kathleen and Tyler’s brother Logan did a great job roasting them and telling heartfelt stories. Although Jana and Tyler may have blushed a few times they were well represented in all.


Of course the bride was beautiful. The groom was handsome. And the wedding was beautifully designed and executed. It was a beautiful day on the campus of Notre Dame. Everything went smoothly and it was great filming on campus with them. Jana and Tyler were very warm and helped us fit right in. What a day, and what a perfect way to celebrate two wonderful people and families coming together. Our best to Jana and Tyler!

Wedding theme was hospitality and inclusivity. The couple warmly welcomed all guests, friends and family to their Notre Dame wedding.

Madeline and Jagger’s incredible wedding weekend | at Notre Dame


A true theme of Jagger and Madeline’s wedding event was hospitality and inclusivity. They were very warm and welcoming from the first time we met and made a special effort throughout the weekend to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated.

the rehearsal

Madeline and Jagger brought it all back to where it began at their alma mater The University of Notre Dame. Something I don’t often do but was a highlight for me was attending their rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding at Rohr’s in the Morris Inn. It was great way to get better acquainted with their family and friends before their actual event. Not only was it fun to film all the heartfelt speeches & interview their guests but they provided us a delicious meal along with everyone else.

wedding day!

The wedding day itself was amazing! From getting ready at the Morris and taking photos with Ben Pancoast Photography around Notre Dame campus and on the football field it flowed smoothly. We made the best of every minute and every moment along with Jagger and Madeline. To the couple many thanks for your hospitality and inclusivity. Join me in helping them celebrate all over again by watching the film!

Perfect wedding day in Sawyer, Michigan. Outdoor ceremony and reception. Beautiful flowers, colors and design by Merry Me Events.

Kate & Jake’s perfect Wedding Day | at Chikaming CC in Sawyer, Michigan

Kate and Jake had a beautiful, perfect wedding day in Sawyer, Michigan this past June. The weather was perfectly clear, cool and breezy. Which was extra special as their event was outdoors at their family golf club. From getting ready at the bride’s family home on the banks of Lake Michigan to the ceremony and reception at Chikaming Country Club it was a dream all day. Merry Me Events helped the couple with planning, florals and design. They always do amazing work but totally nailed it for Kate & Jake. The details, colors and smells where captivating and the event space flowed beautifully from ceremony to reception.

Kate, Jake and their family and friends were a pleasure to work with and all helped make us feel very welcome. Please check out this film and share in their perfect wedding day!

Ralph & Brittany's beautiful wedding at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend. Ceremony at Basilica and reception at Dahnke Ballroom.

Ralph & Brittany’s beautiful Wedding | Filmed at the University of Notre Dame

Ralph & Brittany’s beautiful wedding. Filmed on the campus of Notre Dame at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and Dahnke Ballroom in the stadium. The day was a beautiful event celebrating the wonderful joining of the Huake-Dymm families. Thanks Jacob and Mary Kate for filming the day for us. Congrats to the newlyweds!

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