David and Lizzy’s wedding was in just a few words fun, beautiful, and heartwarming. We had a fun filled morning together with the couple getting ready and reading letters. Then we all knocked out some wedding party formals with Cat Alkire Photography (ladies with Lizzie and gentlemen with David) on campus with before Lizzy would see David for the first time at the Basilica.

The vibe of the wedding party was next level! They were all excited to be there and ready to show their love and support for David and Lizzie. I don’t think I’ve had a more engaged, hype team wedding party this year. And that says a lot about this couple. Not only does their friend group love them but it means they’re excited about their new union.

All in all, a beautiful wedding day with huge love and support for the couple, wrapped up with a lively reception celebration at St. Joseph’s Farm in Granger. Our best to the new Mr. & Mrs. Connelly!