Aside from the fact that Gina & Cody were one of the nicest couples I’ve had the pleasure of working for they also had one of the largest groups I’ve witnessed in their wedding party. That combined with the huge turnout of friends and family almost packing the church and the beautiful Lerner Theatre ballroom to capacity was a testament to how many people they have in their lives that care about them. Well.. either that or they came for the incredible food that the Lerner kitchen cranked out ha, jk! As I’ve heard said a wedding isn’t defined by signing of documents, good food and putting on fancy clothes. Although those things do matter the true reason is the coming together of families and friends to say we publicly affirm this union and give you our blessing. If anyone reading this is torn about whether to spring for a wedding I’d say go for it. It’s so amazing to have all the people who are closest and most meaningful to you all in one place with the purpose of celebrating you and your spouses life, marriage and future.

Key Vendors:
Photography Anderson Photography Catering Crystal Ballroom Catering Lerner Theatre Entertainment Paul Decker & Band Florist Angie from Sauter’s