The Last wedding Vibe Productions taped was Krystal Kalb and Braden Weldy December 6th. This was a unique event for several reasons one being the time of year and there just so happened to be a snow storm that day which made for a really neat look and feel. The other being that the ceremony and reception took place in the same room. For brides wondering whether a late year wedding would be successful I would say the answer is definitely yes. If you don’t mind a little cold weather and snow its really cool.
One thing to consider when doing a winter wedding however is location and I would say the fewer the better! Thats what Krystal thought as well being she had the wedding ceremony and reception at the same location. It was held at the Spohn Ballroom in Goshen, IN. an absolutely beautiful restored ballroom on the top floor of the Spohn building. This facility was recently restored and since then has been booked almost solid for events on weekends. So with some clever set up; Arranging seats in the front for the ceremony and tables previously set in the back the ceremony chairs were simply removed after the ceremony and the tables were slid into place all while guests were in the overflow reception area of the ballroom having appetizers.

Overall it was a very romantic evening seeing the snow fall out the windows on main street below and being warm inside. Braden and Krystal had a wonderful wedding and their guests had a great time dining and celebrating with them. Congrats guys!